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The Problem

In September of 1990, the methods for determining a hazardous waste were amended by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) to include the new Toxity Characteristic (TC) rule. The TC rule added over twenty organic constituents regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Included in this updated list are benzene and lead.

With the existence of lead and benzene in automotive fuel, the compounds may find their way into used automotive oil filters, rendering the filters a hazardous waste.

Until now, used oil filters were simply thrown into landfills. This translated into estimates of 400 million used oil filters, containing as much as four ounces of oil, or close to 12.4 million gallons of oil, threatening our groundwater supply each year.

According to the US EPA, "It is the waste generator's responsibility to determine that the waste does not exhibit the characteristics of a hazardous waste." Oil filters that are recycled are exempt from these hazardous waste regulations.

The EPA is recommending that the recyclable used oil and other recyclable elements of the oil filter, such as the canister, gasket, and filter paper, be separated and recycled.

The Solution

United Recyclers, L.P. has designed a cost-effective, environmentally sound process and operating facility which accepts used oil filters for recycling.

Filters are mechanically separated into their principal elements of metal, oil and filter material.

The separated metal is then recycled . The drained and processed oil is shipped to facilities which accepts used oil as fuel for recovery of its energy value. The remaining filter material is used as an alternative fuel. The innovative patented is a totally closed loop recycling system.

The US EPA has reviewed and encouraged this method of processing used oil filters. United Recyclers, L.P. handles all of the steps required for complete compliance with State and Federal regulations governing filters and issues a certificate of recycling.

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